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Need Of Power Connectors With Better System Airflow

The more the modern networking systems, data storage systems and servers are becoming efficient and powerful,the more they are generating heat. This brings some unwanted damage and reduction in efficiency.

In order to keep their workability on a track, making of well equipped power connectors is need of the hour. A well-optimized power connector would be able to allow more airflow in the systems. Also it needs to be optimized in such a way that it could be able to deal with high current.

The manufacturers of power connectors are trying their hands to come up with a better solution. Michael Bean, product manager, Molex's Connector Products Division said, “What's driving the demand for more power in any system is the silicon--there is more of it, and with lower voltages...You need a greater wattage power supply and that translates into much higher current being transferred from the power supply into your system.”

Definitely, when he said this, things like achieving higher performance was on his mind. Further, these power connectors would be able to save extra energy and would lead to reduced money expenditures.

The fresh idea to initiate a makeover of power connectors needs a complete overhaul of all the aspects. The manufacturers are planning to have a look on certain things like the size of connectors, thermal assistance, copper weight etc.

The specific designs of these power connectors would enable them to have better power densities. Also the design would allow the air to move more freely inside the systems.

Extreme LHPPower Connector, a product of Molex is one of this latest trend. It takes up 53 percent less space than other conventionally made connectors. It's only 7.5 mm high and the power blades allow large volume of air intake.

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