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Facts and Tips to Buy Fax Machines

A potential buyer of fax machines needs to consider a lot of factors, extensively, before ensuring the best buy. The features like; its print quality, its efficiency, the price tag and the speed it operates with are only few of them to be considered.

The list of considerations can be long one. Here is a sincere attempt to help out any buyer of fax machines. The tips mostly depend on the facts what one should expect of the fax machines.

User Friendly: The simpler the functions are the easier it is to be used. The simple operational system saves time and avoids confusion.

Shades and colors: The best machine is that machine which can ensure the maximum shades( sixty four) of gray to all printed documents. Many machines can give color prints too, but at a high cost.

Determining image quality: Most of the good machines give a buyer options to determine the image quality one receives. The best machine can print a single image in four different qualities.

Paper Storing Capacity: The best fax machine has a bigger paper storage tray. It prevents the sudden run-out of the papers. Also it can store a number of incoming documents.

Memory: If the quantum of the daily transmission is high, then the fax machine should need no less than 3.5-5.0 megabytes of memory for an enhanced function. The extra-memory helps to store the incoming information when the machine runs out of paper.

Modem Speed: The modem speed, according to the standards, should be at least 33.6. Anything lesser will hamper outgoing and incoming transmissions of the documents.

Sound Technology: Many machines come with integrated digital devices. They can have functions like; speaker phones, auto redialing and polling etc. A better technologically equipped machine is capable to enlarge or reduce a copy size efficiently. Many hi-tech fax machines come with features like delayed transmission etc.

Machine type describes print quality and expenses:
Buying a film-cartridge fax machine may prove cheaper, but leads to a “feel bad” print quality. Though investing a little more in an ink jet fax machine can get a comparatively better print. However, buying a laser fax machine can burn some holes in the pocket but lead to some glossy prints.

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