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CCTV Market : The Reasons Behind Its Market Growth

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television has been one of the rare innovations in the field of science and technology. Probably, it is the only scientific invention which operates with no known side effects unlike TV which has caused many diseases. Obesity, eyestrain and creativity loss can only be few amongst them.

Though CCTV is being used for many purposes, since it came into its form. It is one of the most suitable device used to control the workforce within the courtyard of a company and to keep a vigil on work process.

Apart from being used in factories, it is constantly used in banks, hospitals and almost all the corporate offices. Further, it is used to control traffic systems worldwide. Also it has proved very helpful to come up with many accurate and right decisions during many sports event.

Thus this versatile use of CCTV has made it one of the most sought after safety and security device in the market. The market has seen some certain surges and has kept thriving constantly.

However, what has given the demand of CCTV a great height is the rising global security concern. With the rise in terrorist strikes worldwide, it seems unimaginable to see a place without a CCTV. Its implementation helps a lot to curb these menaces and post-strike investigations.

Hence, the global manufactures of CCTV have taken it as a chance to speed up its sell. The global CCTV market has seen a significant growth of around 25% in last two years(2006-2008). By the starting of the next decade(2011-2012), it is expected to rise by 26-28%, more or less.

Though the most of the CCTV market, as much as 84-86%, is covered by major European countries, the BRIC countries( Brazil, Russia, India, China) are one of the biggest emerging players in the production and use of this technological security device.

The other active producer and consumer of CCTV are Japan, Malaysia, Australia etc. The manufactures are coming with more user-friendly and technologically advanced Closed Circuit Televisions. They can filter the desired information easily thanks to the many powerful software being used in them. One of them is Intelligent Video Surveillance System which is equipped with such software.

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