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Top 10 Best Tips To Save Fuel

The following tips should help you achieve fuel economy as well as help protect the environment.

  1. To begin with, choose the right car for your needs, if just driving around the town is what your needs entail, procure a lighter vehicle (hybrid or gas driven) instead of a big gas-guzzler.
  1. Considered as one of the most important factors affecting fuel economy, the need to ensure the right tire pressure for your automobile can’t be overemphasized. Check the pressure of the tires at least once a week, remember that even over-inflated tires lead to higher gas consumption.

  1. Timely maintenance of your car that covers ensuring the right levels of all essential engine fluids and keeping all the systems in shape can make all the difference.

  1. If you keep your car cleaned up, it not only enhances its sheen but also prevents any dirt or snow to create unnecessary drag and frees the engine from working harder.

  1. Until it’s absolutely necessary don’t carry extra baggage in the car’s trunk, as it would only increase the weight and force the engine to consume more gas.

  1. Drive well within the fuel economy range of your vehicle, if you aren’t already used to driving slow enough then you’d need to make some adjustments here, but be assured that the benefits are real. The difference of gas consumption between speeds of 55 and 65mph can be as big as 2MPG.

  1. Accelerating your car like a dragster burns up fuel real quickly, whenever you have to step on the gas do it gradually.

  1. If possible rest your left foot on the floor than on the brake pedal, as even a slight press on the brakes could significantly increase the drag.

  1. Operate the air conditioner wisely and only when you need it. If you can make do just by opening the windows partially for cool air it’s good. But remember that on highways opening up windows can backfire by creating more drag, so you’re better off with the windows up and the air conditioner on. Further, once the inside weather is cool enough turn down the power of the air conditioner, lest it puts undue pressure on your car’s engine.

  1. Pick and choose the gas stations with the best prices in your area, there are lots of websites that keep a track of existing prices in different localities/regions.

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