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Social Bookmarking Buttons Hacks To Create For Blog

Now a days almost all the popular blogs or website has been using a list of images at the bottom or top of their every post.What are these ? They are actually the link to various Social Bookmarking Sites.Advantages of being placing such link at the bottom of every post or blogger is that

1. One can Add the post directly to their bookmarking at various bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumbleupon, Technorati, Scribd, Del.icio and more. 2. You can easily grab the eyes of millions to your post.

How to create such Bookmarking Link :

It's very simple.Just follow the few steps.

If you are Blogger, Go for following Steps.There are many sites which are providing these services directly for your blog.What you need to do is to just provide your favorite social bookmarking sites.They will automatically do it for you.

There are Two very good sites : ADDTHIS , TOPRANK BLOG

Process of Using ADDTHIS :

1. Visit the URL of AddThis

2. Login youself.

3. Go for any service either for Bookmarking or RSS feed.

4. After giving your prefence you will get an Image.

5. Now go for the Code.They will show you code for number of options.Copy the code for Blogger.

6. If you want the button to be in your sidebar, copy the code under the heading “Blog Button (New or Older Blogger).” Login to your Blogger account, go to Template -> Page Elements -> Add a Page Element in your sidebar and select “HTML/JavaScript”. Paste this code and save.

7. If you want the bookmark button in your Post footer use the code under the heading “Blog Post Button (New Blogger).” Follow the Further Steps.

AddThis, Text Links, or Icon Links – copy the relevant social bookmarking code and place it in the template as follows. Go to Template -> Edit HTML and check the box “Expand Widget Templates.”

You can Plcae Code depends on your visibility and Choice :

1. You can place them just below your Posts and before the “Posted By” line, place the relevant code before div class='post-footer' , It will show at the end of every post before Labels.

2. Place the code Before div class='post-body' , It will show at the top of your Post Title at every post of your blog.

Process of using TopBlog Ranking :

1. Go to the site of Topranking Blog.

2. Give your prefences.

3. Copy the code

4. Follow the same steps as discussed earlier.

5. You can use variety of option like drop down menu.

Incase of any difficulty Just put a comment.


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