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How To Redirect Blogger Traffic From One URL to another

This blogger tricks is for all those who want to shift their old blog/website to new one due to many reasons, I mean to say for an example a blog ( which have some good traffic and you are not going to use that blog anymore( banned from adsense,adbrite,etc).

No need to be panic,you can still use the traffic of your last blog, only thing you need to do is installing a small code on your blog and it will redirect all your existing traffic to your new blog. with this redirection process, the old blog visitors will be redirected automatically to your new blog address or your own domain name if you have registered it(like . Your traffic will be continued as usual.Type your summary here.

Steps to Install Code

If you are using a NEW BLOGGER TEMPLATE, Go for this :-

1.Sign into your blogger dashboard.

2.Click on the layout link>Edit html

3.Copy the below html code and Paste it anywhere between the head tags.[look at the below screenshot]

Don't forget to replace the 'newblogaddress' in the code with your destination url(address)


If you are using a CLASSIC BLOGGER TEMPLATE,follow this:-

1.Sign in to your blogger dashboard

2.Click on the template link next to your blog name.

3.Copy the below code and paste it below the head tag as shown in the below screenshot

Change "" in the above code with your new destination url(web address)


Cheers !!!! For Your Traffic at New Blog !!!!!! Me

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