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How To Hack Windows For Login Change

Learn in Few Easy Steps, How to change the login password for protected computers.You can try this at your P.C. first before applying to anyone else. This hack is useful sometime when there is need to reboot the system and you have lost the system password. I request you not to use this hack for any illigal activities because it is just for learning nothing else. Just enjoy this hack within a legal activities.

Learn the Process in Few Steps

1. When the computer starts up, hold down F8 before you see the "Windows Starting" screen. This will bring you to a screen with choices. Your best bet will be "Safe Mode with Command Prompt". You can then do as you wish.

2. Dialog will appear: you're going to want to go down to the bottom and select "All Files". Then you are going to name the file: Batch.bat. After that, go to where you saved it, and open it. That will open up Command Prompt.

3. However, if the computer has notepad blocked, you can easily go to any web page and then go to "View>View Source". That will easily open up Notepad.

4. After that, you will be able to do as you wish inside command prompt. Here is how to add or delete accounts:

* Add Account: C:>net user USERNAME /add
* Change Accounts password: C:>net user USERNAME * then you'll be able to enter a new password for the account. If you just press enter without typing anything, the account password will be reset.
* Delete Account: C:>net localgroup Administrators# # Another way is to open up notepad, (if its not blocked), and type in "". Then goto File->Save As. A USERNAME /ADD

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