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How To Create Expandable Post Hacks In Blogger

Every Blogger want to Make its blog look very professional.If you post any content on blogger it will be shown in full at the main page or Home page of blog, when you post two three full story at home page of blog it requires a long scrolling to read till bottom of page and readers of blog get annoyed. What if only the small synopsis of the particular post will be shown at the home page with a "Read More Link" which will be get opened at particular story page only ? Look at this Blog Home Page with Expandable post. It will make your blog more professional and easy to be read by readers. Learn in few easy steps to make "Expandable Post".

Steps to Create Expandable/ Read More Post in Blogger

1. Log in to your blogger account select Layout of the blog which you want to modify
2. Navigate through Template –> Edit HTML
3. Take backup of your template by clicking Download Full Template. This backup will help you if you want to revert to old template
4.Paste this code above the end of Header Section above /head

Paste This Code Above the
: [Click For Code]

5. Save your template and click on select Expand Widget Templates
6. Search for data:post.body/ in the template HTML and paste the below code after data:post.body/

7. After pasting the code , your template should look like as shown in the following image.

8. That’s all. Your template is modified to show expandable posts.
9. Now in every post, the content which you want to show only in post’s page should be included between This will be shown only in post’s page.remenmbering code every time is not easy for every one ,so for this also there is one trick .
10. Go to Setting>> Formatting Scroll down yours cursor and put below code in Post Template.

11. Write Summary of Each Post which you want to show as a synopsis at the Home Page before span class="Fullpost" and Rest of the summary before /span. Easy way to save it in to template box of Formatting section Like Below :

Just Comment Me if You Face Any Problem ?

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