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New Google Ad Management Application Admanager

Today! Google unveiled its new ad management solution called Google Ad Manager in its first beta phase. It is basically a new ad tool that allows publishers to manage ad placement on their sites. Google Ad Manager is basically a hosted ad management solution that can help you sell, schedule, deliver, and measure all of your directly-sold and network-based inventory.Google Ad Manager offers a wealth of inventory management, ad targeting, trafficking, and other features.

Google Ad Manager is quite similar to the ad management solution called OpenAds which is due to launch this year with a new name, OpenX. A hosted ad management solution or an ad server allows users to add their ad codes to the ad server then include the Ad Manager generated code on their sites. This free and currently invite-only service is supposed to be a framework for webmasters, helping you to sell your ad space. It sounds like an interesting offering for all those who directly sell their ad space on some of their sites, because this Google wrapper could e.g. simplify setting up reports for advertisers. Google in return would then make money simply due to the chance that you will (completely optionally) accept their AdSense ads to show whenever you don’t have advertisers yourself.

Few of Main Features of Google Admanager are

# Inventory management
# Yield optimization
# Ad targeting
# Trafficking, ad delivery, and order booking
# Creatives and rich media management
# Reporting
# User interface
# Administration

[ Read at Google Site : Ad manager ]

[ Apply Now For Invitation : Google Ad Manager Invitation ]


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